Liz Gee, London, UK


I needed someone to be very patient, considerate, encouraging, and very motivating, especially as I work full time and am very tired at the end of my day.
Anthony turned me to be all these things and more
He may not have taken years off my life but he has put more life into my years.



Paula Nasrallah, Dubai, UAE


Lewis Robinson has been my trainer for the past two years. I have always found him very professional & target oriented. He works diligently with me to achieve our preset targets.
He keeps the workouts quite varied & interesting.
I highly recommend him as a professional trainer.
Thank you,



Andrea Stuart, London, UK


I have been training with Anthony Lee since June 2005 and I have seen a complete transformation in my overall wellbeing and physique during this time. I have lost approximately 15 kilos and my energy has much increased. The programme Anthony has devised for me has improved my stamina and muscle tone. As a trainer Anthony works you hard but always makes sessions fun by maintaining his good humour and good judgement. He is very proactive: making sure that sessions are scheduled and organized for optimal results. In addition he is both patient and tenacious, fully committed to making sure that you achieve your goals.



Susannah Midson, Dubai, UAE


I have always used the gym in the past but have never been coached by a personal trainer. I decided to do this when I moved to Dubai. Summer here is extremely hot and it is near on impossible to walk around in those months, therefore exercise is essential. Lewis is a great trainer, is motivating, loves making you do burpees at 7am in the morning, with a smile and generally does care about each client and what their goals are. He has very good overall knowledge of different exercises and is not afraid to tell you if you are doing them wrong. Pushes you to the full maximum as trainers should do. Over the months I feel that my fitness level has changed considerably, making me feel a lot happier and healthier, that’s down to Lewis being the best trainer in the world.



Simon Kilmister, Newcastle, UK


I found Anthony to be a very talented trainer, who made each session very challenging yet enjoyable. He always remained focused on my goals, providing motivation and encouragement, with a genuine desire to see the results achieved. I also appreciated his efforts to tailor the programme to suit my preffered sports.

Anthony's good sense of humour, positve nature, and freindly personality ensured that the training sessions were always good fun. At the same time he is very much a professional who takes his work seriously, and was always proactive in organising and scheduling each session.

I personally felt that I achieved more in the 1 hour training session with Anthony than I would have in 3 hours in the gym alone, and would highly recommend him highly to others.



Mandy Shepherd, Dubai, UAE


I have always been relatively fit and involved in sport all my life but when I moved to Dubai from Sydney over three years ago, I felt I needed extra help. With limited options to exercise indoors during the summer months, going to the gym each day became a mundane task and I had lost all motivation. When I thought all hope was lost and was ready to cancel my gym membership… along came Lewis!

Lewis came highly recommended to me by a work colleague (and avid triathlete) over two years ago and I have been training with him ever since. His extensive knowledge and expertise in the fitness industry is exceptional and it has certainly taken my training to new levels. With Lewis’ skill and motivation, I have been able to make changes to my training schedule and the results have been fabulous… a fitter, stronger, leaner me! Lewis is extremely attentive to my training needs and knows how far he can push me to get the best results. He is also a nice guy and a delight to train with. The days of boring gym sessions are now over!

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, and reading this testimonial, I believe your search is over…. I cannot recommend Lewis highly enough!



Salma Mohamed, Dubai , U.A.E


Before Anthony approached me to try his personal training session, I was already hitting the gym, but I was not getting the results i was looking for. Anthony showed me ways, to sculpt my body and loose weight, that were much less demanding than the previous training I was doing on my own, he showed me how to combine cardio with strength training, a combination that proved essential to my weight losing goal. In addition he is amazing to talk to and a great therapist when you want to just vent. He is fun, funny, charming and sweet, easy to work with and he makes training interesting and fun as opposed to boring and forced.



Mohammed Elmi, Dubai, UAE


I've been training with Lewis for over a year now, and when I first went for my initial sessions, I was nervous, and didn't plan on booking beyond my initial 10 sessions. Well, that thought went within the initial 10 seconds of meeting Lewis, who is easily likeable and very friendly. I think this makes Lewis stand out as a trainer; not only do you get someone who is very knowledgeable in his field, and continues to keep up to date with it, but he also is someone with enthusiasm and dedication to improving his clients. During the sessions I feel I can chat about almost anything, and often do!! The best I can say is he'll go out of his way to help you achieve your goals!"



Hazem Adawie, Amman, Jordan


With a hectic lifestyle and after 15 years of smoking and fitness ignorance, it took me a real effort to buy in the idea of joining a gym and getting to enjoy working out and apply some changes to my lifestyle, I remember I spent the first 2 months without a trainer, where I've done nothing but putting on more Kilos and breaking the 30 ciggs a day barrier.
Anthony has given me the chance to discover that its not too late yet, as he impressively raised my level starting from understanding the basics and scientific background about the exercises and the food and everything related to fitness activities, all in a really friendly and funny approach mixed with full seriousness and commitment whenever needed, oh and by the way I QUIT SMOKING NOW"



Samer Ammari, Amman, Jordan


Hiring a personal trainer can be a hefty investment, but when one finds the right person, it can be just the motivation that was needed to help lose weight, build muscle and get healthy. Anthony did not teach me the proper way to work out only, but also provided positive reinforcement that has motivated me to continue my personal fitness journey. I have seen amazing results that I never thought were possible. He is a friendly and cooperative gentleman who is accessible at each and every point of time to give you an advice. He is active and funny as well; you would love go out or play football with him. Because of him, I would say: exercising philosophy is a corner stone in my life.



Coye Nokes, USA


Anthony is a talented personal trainer who clearly makes an effort to tailor my programme to me and to the areas on which I would like to focus. Over the course of the past 2 years, he makes efforts to ensure that my programme is dynamic and pushes to me to improve and achieve new levels of fitness. I have enjoyed the personal level of fitness achieved while training with Anthony. He is personable and makes the session enjoyable and challenging – simultaneously – a great skill.



Jeff Curtis, Essex, UK


After years of creating programs and training by myself daily in the gym I began to realize that my results had become static, I took on Anthony as my personal trainer and immediately saw results, in the 2 years since we have been working together I have seen good weight loss and an overall change for the better in my physique. Anthony has designed numerous programs to continually challenge me and shock my body, always enjoyable and effective with noticeable changes in muscles groups I had never realised were being worked.
Anthony is a Great guy with a personable and positive outlook on life with an ability to empathize installing a good overall positive attitude in which to channel the energy to continue and finish the sessions for great results.



Roger Holloway, Rugby, UK


Anthony keep’s you heading for your limits while teaching you exercise skills with a cheerful manner, he will make it as hard as you are able to keep up with so is an ideal trainer for both the expert and the novice either way he will get results.

A very grateful client



Stephanie DSouza, Dubai, U.A.E


 Anthony Lee has by far been my best discovery ever!
While working out on the treadmill my attention was bought up by this trainer who seemed very dedicated to his client. He kept a level of motivation going for the client and at the same time made cardio vascular seem so easy!
Then once again during another session I saw the same persistence which started to convince me into getting a PT and not any PT but Anthony.
Just as I signed up with Anthony, the date for my wedding was fixed so I began to think this was totally meant to be!
I started with a weight of 83kilos and today I am at 76 kilos. It doesn’t matter so much to me on what the darn weighing scale shows! Its how well my clothes started to fit me! Its how it made me feel every morning!
A burst of energy! The motivation to eat right and work out right is what Anthony began to instil in me! From a size 18 I am now a size 14-16!!
The place that I wanted work on the most was by belly and my arms. Anthony was a dedicated professional in the sense that he only helped me work on my belly and arms but helped me tone my whole body so that my weight loss was even.
I am 25 yrs old and was so tired of people thinking that was in my early 30's! Today, after shedding the pounds it feels nice to be a 25yr old! Heck it feels great to even be called a 22 yr old!! :)
I have attached my pictures of how i was before and how I am today.
Anthony, thank you so very much for all your dedication! Thank you for your support and your time!

A very grateful client



Adam Lyons, London, UK


I am writing to set out my experience of working with Anthony Lee as a personal trainer over the past two years at Holmes Place (now Virgin Active) Kensington.
I have always found Anthony friendly and engaging and over the time we have worked together we have developed a very good relationship. 
Importantly, this is reflected in the progress I have made while trained by Anthony.  Anthony is motivating and committed and I am very pleased with the results I have achieved in terms of fitness and overall wellbeing.
Anthony is encouraging at the gym, pushing me to stretch myself each session.  I have had some lower back problems resulting from stress at work and Anthony has developed a programme for me which has noticeably reduced problems in this area while still improving overall fitness.
I am happy to recommend Anthony as a personal trainer.



Willem Plantagie, Amsterdam, Holland


Anthony has been training me on a regular basis at Holmes Place Kensington (now Virgin Active) since September 2004. His enthusiasm for and dedication to the job have helped me to think of going to the gym as something I feel I want to do, rather than as something I feel I need to do.

Over the course of the past two and a half years, he has helped me a great deal towards achieving my fitness goals. Training with Anthony is intensive, varied and most of the times even funny. His sense of humour makes training certainly more interesting. It is a pity he supports such a rubbish football team.

I would strongly recommend anyone who is thinking about personal training to think about working with Anthony.



Mohammad Kamal, Dubai, U.A.E


I trained with Anthony for 6 months during which he helped me achieve my goals; to lose weight, improve muscle tone, and recover from an auto accident. Anthony is especially good at getting to know his clients, and knowing how to motivate them. He has managed to keep me focused on achieving my goals by being both strict during training sessions and keeping it fun and enjoyable.

Anthony also has excellent knowledge of cardiovascular and weight training, and always manages to keep the training sessions challenging by continuously adding to and altering the exercise routines.

I am very pleased with the results I have achieved with Anthony and will definitely train with him again when I return to Dubai.



Melissa Grafton, UK


He has trained me prior to pregnancy, then throughout my first pregnancy, then through recovery post pregnancy and is now training me through my second pregnancy.
Anthony has been a fun personal trainer, kept me motivated at times when I needed that extra bit of encouragement and has been a good trainer over these years. He has adapted the exercises to what has been appropriate at different times, including whilst recovering from an ankle injury, post pregnancy injuries and, more recently, has been good with practising boxing exercises.



Ian Wilson, Dubai, UAE


Anthony was my personal trainer for over 2 years. He has always been personable and punctual to all my sessions. He is committed, organised and is sensitive to the needs of each personal programme that he has set for me. He is tenacious in his approach and always pushes for the ultimate result. Anthony makes every session enjoyable and challenging by varying difficulties in each programme to keep each training session interesting. Anthony has a good sense of humour and has always encouraged me to stretch myself to my full potential.
All the best



Robert Lunday, Texas, USA


I've had a few personal trainers in my life, and none of them has ever matched Anthony Lee in terms of making my workouts effective.  Anthony is motivational and never gave up on ensuring that I was in the gym pushing myself beyond what I thought I could do.  When I had to leave Dubai, I felt as fit as I ever had ever been in my life because of Anthony.  To top it all off, Anthony is a great guy.  You find yourself smiling and laughing in between sets because the conversation always revolves around something fun or interesting.  I highly recommend Mr. Lee to be your personal instructor.



Scott Hutton, Glasgow, UK


I have been training on a semi-professional basis for the last 15 years or so. I have now stopped playing competitive sport and the prospect of spending all my training time in the gym was not an attractive one. I have been lucky to have spent the last 6 months or so training with Anthony. Training has been very varied and as enjoyable as a tough session can be! I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of training from boxing to weight training, interval training to stamina work. Each session is different which relieves a lot of the monotony of gym work. Anthony is a great guy with a good sense of humour who makes training something to look forward to. He could do with some style tips but otherwise he is a terrific trainer.



Jim Quinn, Midlands, UK


Coming from a martial arts and squash background I am used to varied training, but needed somebody to introduce new thinking and methods to my routine. These needed to allow for a serious ankle injury throughout a period of recuperation. Anthony does all of this very well indeed, with just the right combination of steely looks and humour. However, he can't count - as I'm sure a set of 10 is always around 14 or so..



Nazar Zaidan, Khartoum, Sudan


I have found Anthony to be a very focused and professional; as he has shown that he takes a personal interest in his member’s progress. He is committed and believes 100% in the programs that he agrees to set with you. His enthusiasm and delivery is positively contagious along with his very pleasant and courteous manner.
He is very positive and takes great care in helping people achieve their goal. It has been a totally new experience which I have found to be reason why I kept renewing and extending my membership.
I am very pleased with my progress in my training with Anthony and look forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for achieving results while enjoying their time doing just that!
Thank you Anthony and keep up the good work.



Natashya Roberts, Madras, India


Anthony is the biggest motivator when it comes to losing weight or just toning down.

I had joined Fitness First and being the first time to have signed up at such a professional gym, I was not familiar with the equipment and routines. I signed up with Anthony for a trial personal training session, and the rest is history.

As a trainer, his professionalism and technique helped me lose weight and tone up for my wedding. Quite the motivator, even on the dreariest of days, his positive attitude always made me to try harder. His chipper personality and his cheery outlook on life, makes him a pleasure to be around.



Roy Campbell, Glasgow, UK


In the world of Fitness Training it is quoted that “there is no gain without pain”

How ever no where does it mention that the pain and/or gain can not be accompanied by humour. This is where Anthony differs from the others with his professional approach yet allowing the client to have a laugh at often his own expense. He will insure you perform to the best of your ability however his character allows you to do it with a smile and hopefully the gain will follow.



Sara Mitchell, Surrey, UK


Anthony gave me the confidence to get back into the gym. His enthusiasm motivates you and was genuinely interested in my well being, giving encouragement and knowing when to push me further. Having suffered from a bad back for many years, he was very knowledgeable and understanding, helping to strengthen and stretch, as well as giving advice on losing weight. He has a great sense of humour which made each session fun.



Maria Iftikhar, Germany


Hi, my name is Maria and I'm 31. I have been training with Anthony for 9 months and he has pushed me really hard to get where I am today. I have lost in total 23kgs. I still remember my first conversation with him: “no weights please, I don't want to become bulky” Thank god I listened to him and did the training as he asked. What I like the most about him is that he doesn't take NO for an answer, and pushes you! I have reached my goals regarding the weight but planning to carry on working with him to improve my fitness levels. So if you want to train hard and want someone to push you, Anthony is the one!



Andrew Fuller, Blackburn, UK


I compete in motor sport and was very specific in my training goals. Following a consultation and assessment, Anthony & the Activ-8 team devised a program to help me develop my core and upper body strength, and to take my cardiovascular fitness to another level. It also improved my flexibility. My training targets specific muscle groups and zones, and is rotated to keep the training fun, but still disciplined. I reached my target weight and I was also surprised to see how an improvement in fitness had a massive positive effect on my mental state during race days and with my confidence in general. Anthony & the Activ-8 team also attended several of my race events providing support and encouragement. This is a personal touch that most companies would not offer



Anne Mcdougall, Scotland, UK


"Anthony was a great support and inspiration. He got me fit again very quickly and motivated me to keep it up over the long summer holiday. They results are amazing. I dropped 2 kilos of fat and toned up and now have the long lean look that I wanted. Thanks again. Anne"



Ben Gleisner-Cooke, UK

  I have really enjoyed training sessions with Lewis. He has an easy-going, informative instruction style that makes it very simple to understand exercises and their benefits, particularly in regard to the targets set at the beginning of training. Sessions are really varied, with lots of different moves that utilise bodyweight and free weights. There is a clear progression between sessions with each week offering an increased challenge. Lewis has also been able to compliment his training sessions with advice about nutrition and exercise away from the supervised sessions. I would certainly recommend him to others as he is a very good personal trainer.



Emma Milne, Dubai UAE


I have been training with Lewis for the past 4 years.  My goals were to lose weight, tone up and become fitter.  Lewis has been a huge help in attaining these goals - his training sessions are varied and fun, a good mix of cardio and strength training.  Lewis is good at pushing me that extra mile and keeping me enthusiastic, motivated and positive.  Lewis is also excellent at encouraging weight loss with advice for healthy eating and an exercise programme for outside of training sessions.  I have been delighted with the results and lost 5 kilograms and gained muscle prior to my wedding and now, having had a baby who is now 6 months old, we are doing lots of work on core muscles and abs and working towards a goal of losing the 7 kilos I have gained.  I have every faith in Lewis that I will achieve this goal.



Karim Niraoui, Germany


Lewis was referred to me by a friend. I was not quite sure whether I needed a personal trainer and though why not give it a try. I was looking to tone up and lose a bit of weight. I subscribed for a 1x session per week for 10 weeks.

What I liked about Lewis is that he really understood my needs and adapted my training sessions to my personal needs. He is excellent at encouraging me, always look to vary the nature of exercises in each session so it never gets boring. He also gave me helpful nutritional advice and set up a training program for me when I had to leave Dubai for a long holiday. I was so enchanted by my sessions that I soon asked for training 2x/week and for the whole year.



Kasia Cooke. Poland:


"Lewis has been highly recommended to me as a very professional, knowledgeable and down to earth personal trainer and he certainly lives up to it. He not only delivers exhausting, rewarding sessions (which for some strange reason make me want to exercise more) but also offers many helpful tips. He has never been late for any of the sessions and keeps
all the records and measurements organised. In the last 10 weeks I have been losing weight quite steadily (which has always been my main goal) but also gradually getting fitter and
stronger (eg I can do my weekends runs faster and for longer).
I shall be booking more sessions very soon".



Rana Ismail: Dubai, UAE


Lewis is a very professional personal trainer and a joy to workout with. He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of health including metabolism, general fitness, dietary, and workout techniques. He is keen on ensuring that you get most out of the workout and takes into consideration health problems and injuries and seems to have a handful of different ways of exercising the different muscle groups. He has my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a fun and effective workout.



Txomin Zaratiegui Oses, Spain


I have been training with Lewis since one year. My goal was to improve my average sport performance and to learn good technique for swimming. So far these objectives have been accomplished, Im more slim, my tendency to sport injuries has vanished, and I can do things I couldn't have done before! He is patient on his teaching, encouraging and motivating. I must recommend his services to anyone pursue these objectives!



Reiner Erlings, Dubai, UAE


Anthony knows how to push you just hard enough to help you reach your goal without ever making you feel like giving up. He is an intuitive trainer; each workout is unique and tailor made according to how you feel that day and how much he thinks he can get out of you. This approach keeps the workouts fresh, exciting, and incredibly effective. Working out with Anthony is also a lot of fun; he skillfully manages to keep your mind of the fact that you are in fact enduring an hour-long torture session. Deploying his unique brand of humour on you just when you think you can't do another set, he always manages to maximise your potential, session after session. After your workout, your body will curse him for the rest of the day, but you also secretly look forward to the next session....



Bella Doswell, Dubai, UAE


"I can absolutely recommend Anthony and his style of training. When I began training him, I had never used any gym equipment other than the treadmill. I was not very body confident and my balance needed a lot of work. During the 5 months I trained with him, he was patient, sufficiently forceful, motivational and caring about what he does and getting the best out of me at the same time. I have learned a lot from him and I continue to take this learning with me wherever I go. Thanks a million, Anthony!"



Nader Henein, Cairo, Egypt


I have been training with Anthony for the past three years and he has helped me through two marathons and countless other races, I can honestly say that I would have never been able to push myself as hard as he has pushed me, through pain, through bad days, through muscle groups I never wanted to work on, he has been my motivation and I am far better for it than I was 4 years ago, and I would just like to say Thank you and would wholeheartedly recommend Active8 to anyone who asked.



Matthew Rogers, Melbourne, Australia


I originally started training with Anthony to get in shape for my wedding, but have found the training to be so enjoyable that I have continued to keep up with a couple of sessions each week. Anthony manages to keep you focused during sessions by ensuring that they are never boring or repetitive. He also drives you so that you get the best results out of each session. Anthony has certainly helped me achieve my goals in relation to fitness and body shape and I would certainly recommend him to all.



Graeme Sullivan, Liverpool, UK


I had never really had a Personal trainer before and wasn't sure if it was for me.  My wedding was coming up however and I wanted to bulk up a little bit and feel my best on the big day.

I started working with Anthony, initially only for one or two sessions, however I immediately felt comfortable and enjoyed the sessions so much that I kept going back for more.
The workouts were tailored to my needs and abilities and I started seeing results very quickly.

Anthony himself is a top bloke; he quickly became a friend as well as a trainer and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about achieving their goals.

I didn't know what I was capable until I started working out with Anthony, now he has set the bar higher for me I will never look back!



Michael Pain, Essex, UK


I have been training with Anthony since July 2010, during this time he has helped me improve my all round fitness, strength, aerobic capability and loose over 10 kg in weight.

He is knowledgable and makes each session enjoyable and focused.

However he does support a crap football team !!

I continue to train with Anthony on a regular basis and have no hesitation in recommending his services.



Janet Herbert, UK


Exercise & keeping fit has always played a big part in my life, but emphasis tended to be more on cardio than resistance or floor work. About a year ago, my self-motivated trips to the gym were becoming harder & more difficult to sustain & so I felt it was time to seek the assistance of a trainer to ‘mix things up’ & incorporate weights & resistance work into my routines.

In a city with almost as many personal trainers as brunch venues, choosing one to meet your individual needs is daunting. What attracted me to Anthony of Activ8fitness was his friendly, approachable manner, but don’t be fooled, he’s very firm! His knowledge & professionalism was apparent from the initial consultation at which a tailor-made training schedule was agreed. No one training session is ever the same, I never know what to expect but subsequently it never becomes dull – Anthony continues to incorporate new exercises into the routines, bringing his own equipment to sessions, setting personal challenges. One thing, I am sure of however, is his constant encouragement, motivation & expertise.

Since combining resistance work with cardio my workouts are more rounded, I feel toned, stronger & fitter. Although this is a personal achievement, it is Anthony’s continued encouragement & professionalism that has enabled me to reach my goals.



Andrew Thomson, Scotland, UK


Anthony has been the cornerstone of my fitness regime for over three years.
I see clear benefits and his relaxed style means that exercise never seems too much of a chore!



Melanie Wilson, Tennessee, USA


Shortly after moving to Dubai almost 2.5 years ago, I began searching for a personal trainer. I had always worked out on my own and was not sure what to expect from a PT. I had come to a point where I needed someone’s expertise to help me reach a higher level of fitness.

Upon meeting Anthony for the first time, it was apparent that he was passionate about his profession in assisting others reach their personal fitness goals. His friendly demeanor instantly made me less nervous. He took the time to get to know me, assess my fitness level and discuss the training options for pursuing/attaining my goals.

My life and work in Dubai can be busy and unpredictable, which makes it easy to come up with an excuse to not work-out. My training time with Anthony, gives me the accountability and outlet to work through this stress. He pushes me to reach my full potential in each session while providing a balance of encouragement and motivation.

Over these past years, He has made me realize that I am capable of much more, if I’m willing to push myself and put in the time and effort into each work out session. He makes session fun, yet challenging through his expertise in knowing what exercises will give the desired results.

Through my training sessions, Anthony has helped me attain a level of fitness that I never would have thought to strive for on my own. He genuinely invests in his clients and wants us to be successful in attaining a greater level of fitness and health.



Denise McWilliams, Boston, USA


I have been training with Ant for about a year now. My overall fitness has improved exponentially and I’m extremely happy with the results - especially my biceps! I’ve lost 20 kilos since working out with Ant and as my waistline has decreased, my self-confidence has skyrocketed. Ant is patient yet very motivating and encouraging; his demeanor is the perfect balance for a personal trainer. I can not recommend Ant and Activ-8 enough!



Linnea Bergman, Sweden"


As I told Anthony during my first session, I wasn't training to lose weight or get muscular, but to get generally more fit. I hadn't really enjoyed any type of exercise before, but that quickly changed! Anthony did what I thought was impossible - made me enjoy my workouts and actually look forward to them. He's great fun to be around, and also very motivating. Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete my initial 30 sessions due to me relocating, but the weeks I spent training with him was well worth the time and money spent. If I ever come back to Dubai, a session with Anthony is the first thing I'll make sure to schedule! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a fun, hard working and reliable personal trainer.



Michael Paddon, Surrey, UK


Good all round trainer with performance and results - understands your body and does not kill you but pushes you to YOUR limits - highly recommend Anthony's professional service of getting and keeping fit :)!



"Feel it, See it, Be it"