Lewis Robinson

Activ-8 Lifestyle & Fitness

Personal Fitness Trainer


I believe that health and fitness is a way of life, a lifestyle and not just a phase we all go through. Having over 16 years of raining experience in the Gym environment with over 6 years working as a qualified Personal Trainer, I have worked in Dubai for 3 years now having worked in an exclusive location within the city. Before this I had worked in various gyms in and around London, England. I come from a swimming and running background (800m, 1500m, and cross country) and have been involved in sport most of my life. Over the years I have come to learn that whether you participate in a solo or team sport, or simply want to stay fit and healthy whilst looking and feeling good about yourself – fitness training should be part of your lifestyle and a way of life.

With a combination of a specialized training routine and nutrition plan, I can ensure that whatever your goal is, be it weight loss, fat burn, strength gains or hypertrophy I will lead you along the path to the end result you seek ensuring that the journey we take together will be challenging, varied but just as importantly...fun.


If you look good you feel good”




  • WABBA (World Amateur Bodybuilding Association) Fitness Trainer Qualifications
  • WABBA Personal Trainer
  • WABBA Senior Fitness Instructor &
  • WABBA Fitness Instructor
  • TRAINSMART Advanced Cardiovascular Principles Training
  • Fitness First Gold level Personal Trainer



  • Weight/Fat Loss
  • Strength/Power Training
  • Hypertrophy & Bodybuilding
  • Sports Specific & Endurance Training
  • Plyometrics
  • Supplementation
  • Swimming



"Feel it, See it, Be it"

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